Aeria Games confirmed the long-term future for the West echo the soul

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“Stay for as long as you feel comfortable, then go back to him. In the meantime, I can’t possibly eat all this.” He gestured for her to sit and took a chair opposite her, snagging a small pastry and grinning.

After the Echo Community Team Aeria Games today released a statement reassuring realm of the soul, and worry about being made, China and South Korea version of the game last week’s close. According to South Korean and Chinese versions of the game, due to the lack of content and interest as of last week the details, but the release of information by members of Aeria Games Community team, painted a completely different picture.

PM_Bacon onto the official forum to appease the community, soothing nerves, inform the NA and EU players, South Korea and China’s recent closure of the iteration of the game will have little to no impact on the European and American versions. The message is expected to come directly from Nvius, a large number of game development cycle behind the team’s CEO, as they work to appease the players a lot of new content, and with PvP in the second quarter.

In explaining why the Chinese version of the soul echo is turned off it is actually very easy: they have a huge problem, hacker / bots, which annoys the players and the game is executed, because it is very bad. They encounter these problems, because China’s publisher chose to start the game no anti-hacker solutions, in hindsight was not a good decision.

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Pre-Alpha Crowfall reveals localized game servers

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Arthas was almost of age—a year older than Calia had been when their father had nearly betrothed her to Prestor. He supposed he’d have to start thinking about finding a queen sooner or later.

Arts and crafts and entertainment, the highly anticipated online game Crowfall independent developers, today announced that they plan to launch localized sites and game players in Europe in the pre-alpha testing server. The first phase of the launch of the new server is expected to be launched in Germany this week website and game server, which will provide low-latency experience for players in the EU. Other regions are expected soon turn out to support the plan and seven languages.

Besides arts and crafts and entertainment also announced that Andreas Weidenhaupt gaming industry executives have joined the company’s advisory board along with Ralph and Ed Fries of Koster. Weidenhaupt will also serve as the company’s European adviser, and dealing with all aspects of communication and overseas operations.

“When I first heard Crowfall, I knew I had to be involved. It is a great pleasure and honor, I worked with ACE team, helping them to their first championship to the European market. I am absolutely convinced that the European players as passionate about Crowfall their counterparts in North America. “

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Great time, there is a space NINJA: WARFRAME start beings echoes

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She stopped speaking, feeling something sharp digging into her chest. Viryx looked down. Reshad had a small black dagger, hooked like a kaliri talon, pressed against her.

Well PC space ninja, new Warframe update, enthusiastic response, has been released to the free play of the game and update only new weapons and equipment, you have become accustomed to, and use some new tricks ninja, as they move throughout galaxy.

First up, though, will be a Warframe update is nothing new warframe? The new Equinox warframe allows players to freely light / dark switching between any desired time (attack / defense) form. This warframe through in-game tasks to unlock.

Affectionate echo presentation, there will be kings moving about the galaxy in new ways the new “parkour” campaign. Add double jump, ricochet, wall hooks, the Great Wall sprint and target gliding, the new mobile system allows more variety, you killer in a mobile pain.

Fancy a swim? With a new submersible underwater tilesets rotation in Uranus ocean. Personally, I’m not a fan of underwater combat, but I have to admit Warframe reveal good looks to pull it off. There you will have the Emperor let us know in the comments, if it does, although in place.

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Crytek stage fate to closed beta

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Thick smoke coiled in the air in front of her, coalescing into the silhouette of an Outcast. The shadowy form clarified, became tangible. Before her eyes, Reshad appeared, the tiny red kaliri perched on his shoulder.
Can “stage” in the title of the game does not mean that it is a MOBA. Crytek is ready to take the 5v5 classic MOBA version of it into the closed beta and symbolic UPS has begun. Game player will be able to get their hands on the current version of the game in Gamescom, to drive for free game title.
On stage, you won’t choose a hero or from a developer’s imagination to create a hero. Instead, you choose to withdraw from the history or the famous fictional characters. Want to see Robin, Nicola Tesla, and Jack the Ripper square off? It is likely that you will see the exact matches on the stage of the fates.
Vesselin Handjiev, Crytek Crytek, black sea, general manager, said: “as a hardcore MOBA fans, our team has been trying to create a truly unique experience for players. We can not wait to see how the game is received during the closed beta testing, and will all feedback we receive good use, as we further improve the fate of the stage, it’s launched.
The fate of the arena game is inspired by the spirit of competition and the real sport of the last drama, to the MOBA type to add a unique twist to the 20 minute time limit for the player before the battle victory. Every minute is precious, and the final score will be determined by the ability of each team, as they play their unique abilities in the process of their heroic characters.

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Should MMO Players Pay for Alpha Testing?

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The world of the online rpg has changed dramatically since its inception. The most obvious difference is the monumental shift from subscription-based games to the current free-to-play model, but there is another major shift that has occurred. This is how alpha and beta testing are now handled by the game companies and by the players. It has become an increasingly common practice for mmo games to charge players to have access to alpha testing (as well as a head start on beta testing). Should mmo players pay for alpha testing?

For the purposes of this discussion, I will be lumping both mmo alpha and beta testing together for the sake of brevity. The practice of a paid mmo alpha is also applicable to beta testing as well, and a number of mmo games follow this practice of charging players to take part or gain early access.

Pathfinder Online character

The history of mmo development used to be that a game had an internal alpha with just the developers that was later expanded to include friends and family. Then a more robust alpha would occur with a cadre of selected individuals who would give the game a thorough workout. These alpha invites were incredibly coveted, and there was an almost professional group of alpha testers that moved from mmo alpha to mmo alpha. The main point for our discussion was that participation in such testing was always free. The only time money was involved was when someone paid to buy another person’s key to take part. A friend of mine did this to take part in the Star Wars Galaxies alpha as he is a huge Star Wars freak. The thing to remember is that all this took place on the secondary market between players, not between the game company and the players.

Fast forward to today where game companies routinely feature a paid mmo alpha. In fact, it’s almost become a standard for video games on Steam where players pony up money to begin playing the game in its current alpha state. It seems that every mmo coming out is offering a number of different Founder’s Packs for sale that guarantee closed beta access and such, along with other benefits. The irony is that games that do this, such as Skyforge, will be free-to-play when they are eventually released. One game, Pathfinder Online, has taken it a step further by actually charging a subscription for players to take part in the alpha. I do believe that this is the first instance of an mmo alpha subscription. The question is: is such a situation right?

Personally, I’m of two minds on the subject. On the one hand, I do think it’s ludicrous for players to pay for playing an unfinished game, especially if it’s a game that’s going to be f2p when it eventually launches. Providing needed feedback to ensure the mmo’s development and bug fixing should be payment enough. I’ve always adhered to the saying that time is valuable, so spending hours every week testing an mmo means that I’m providing a necessary service to the game company with the fact that I’m able to play the game being my only compensation for doing so. The thought of paying for the privilege for being able to play a free mmo during its alpha or beta seems obscene to me.

On the other hand, I do believe in market forces and that people are free to do what they want. Game companies have a paid mmo alpha because there are tons of players who are willing to pay for it. It’s hard for me to point an accusing finger at developers over the practice when you have hordes of players willing to throw money at them just to play the game it its early stages of development. As long as players are willing to shell out bucks to play a paid mmo alpha, this practice will continue. The free market dictates that as long as the consumers are willing to support a practice, it will continue to do so. If the consumers no longer desire that practice or product, then it will fall by the wayside to be replaced with something else.

Transformers Universe transformers

The one caveat to this discussion of the paid mmo alpha is that the game has to deliver and not shortchange the players. Players shelled out quite a bit of cash to buy Founder’s Packs for Transformers Universe, with the most expensive pack costing a cool $450. That particular game never made it out of development, but, to their credit, Jagex made sure to refund players who had purchased the Founder’s Packs. Other games, such as ArcheAge and Skyforge, have charged players a hefty sum for Founder’s Packs, and then later handed out similar goodies at a much later date as part of a collector’s edition. Needless to say, this has led to quite a bit of outrage from players who bought the highest tier of packs thinking that they were getting something special by buying in early.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the paid mmo alpha and have no intentions of ever taking part in one. I know that it’s a great way for mmo companies to generate revenue early on, but the thought of forking over hard-earned money to play what is essentially a free mmo just galls me. Yet I can also understand game companies following this practice as thousands and thousands of gamers are willing to pay for the privilege of alpha and beta testing. It’s hard to turn down wads of money. Honestly, I would wish that paying for alpha and beta testing would just disappear, but the reality is that it’s a practice that is definitely here to stay. Are you a fan or critic of paid alpha and beta testing for mmos? Let us know in the comments below.

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Why We’re Looking Forward to Project Gorgon

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The nature of mmo games has changed since their inception, becoming both larger and smaller. They’ve become bigger as the virtual worlds have expanded in size and scope due to technological advances and the increasing size of the player base. They are also literally hundreds of more mmo games running today that a player can immediately leap into as opposed to the small handful of long ago. Yet online games have become smaller as the thrill of playing in an online world has diminished as the joy of discovery has faded and open-ended games that allowed for a great deal of freedom have been replaced with games that put players on a rigid track to follow. Yet there are some games currently in development that look to recapture some of the wonder of the online gaming of yesteryear without some of the clunky and out-dated mechanics. One of those games is Project Gorgon, which is being developed by the husband and wife team of Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers. Allow me to explain why we’re looking forward to Project Gorgon.

My approach to online gaming is different from the usual mmo player, and the reason for this is my background is in pen-and-paper roleplaying. Sitting at a table playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends for many years has made me want games to offer possibilities and not limitations. The beauty of pen-and-paper rpgs is that you can do anything that you can imagine as long as it did not contradict the setting and rules used by the DM. The early mmo games were created by developers who cut their teeth on tabletop gaming, and they wanted to merge that experience with the benefits of computerized gaming with people from all over the world. This yearning for possibilities is one reason why we’re looking forward to Project Gorgon.

Project Gorgon landscape

There are a number of Project Gorgon features that has me excited. The first is that the game does not hold you by the hand, which has become the norm in online gaming. It’s up to the player to explore the world and discover everything that it has to offer. There are not tons of quests to guide players into one region from another. The player has to go out and seek adventure, not just wander around town picking up quests from every NPC in the vicinity. The fact that there are worthwhile things to discover out in the nooks and crannies of the world of Project Gorgon makes me salivate with glee. There is nothing more disappointing in modern mmos that going off the beaten track, finding an interesting location (an abandoned cottage or a ruined keep), and then finding out that there’s nothing else. Project Gorgon will have items, skills, and even encounters that occur in the dark corners that lie off the well-travelled road.

Another reason why we’re looking forward to Project Gorgon is that there are no classes. Players can learn different combat skills that range from unarmed combat to swords to necromancy. The player can utilize two of these skills at the same time to create their own personal class. One of the interesting Project Gorgon features is that certain powerful situations can have a downside. A player can be cursed with lycanthropy, which can give them access to some powerful skills. The downside is that there is no cure for this condition, and whenever the full moon appears, the player will be stuck in their beast form. Is having that extra power worth the price? It’s up to the player to decide, which means both freedom and possibilities in an mmo setting.

Another reason why we’re looking forward to Project Gorgon is the immersive world. Many mmo games proclaim that they’re persistent, but Project Gorgon looks to do it right. Players can drop an item on the ground, and other players can then pick it up. Sell some magic weapons and armor to an NPC vendor? Normally, that would mean that they would just disappear into the virtual ether, but not so in this game. Those items remain in the vendor’s inventory until bought by other players. This persistence just opens up possibilities for doing good things and bad things. I can just imagine salting an area with items to lure unwary players into an ambush. The real world nature of the game means that a player can jump into a lake if they’re on fire in order to put it out. Just imagine the look on the player’s face who is playing a fire mage when you have a companion make it start raining as you begin to PvP.

Project Gorgon town

Finally, there are other Project Gorgon features that have us looking forward to the game. First is that fact that it is not a free mmo. Players will have to buy the game in order to play it. After that, they can subscribe to it or purchase things from the game’s shop. This will cut down on the number of idiots, gold sellers, and trolls that infest the average f2p game. Second, there are mechanisms for creating player-created content. Anything that gives me more things to do in a game is a welcome addition. Then there is the fact that there will be live events that focus on a story. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss GM-run events in mmo games.

As you can see, there are a number of compelling reasons why we’re looking forward to Project Gorgon. The game embodies possibilities and choices. It’s up to the player to go out and explore the world, finding new adventures. There are no pre-determined classes, and quite a number of powerful abilities come with a price to pay. Then there’s the persistent nature of the game’s world and the realistic mechanics that open up a flood of strategic and tactical choices. The fact that there’s a paywall to keep out the riffraff that would just prefer to cause havoc for no good reason is yet another reason why we can’t wait for Project Gorgon to finally launch.

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Events are the real thing to do at this point in Champions Online; there’s not a whole lot of new updates in the pipe for the game, sadly. So it’s a good thing that the game has overhauled the way that events work as a whole with an eye toward making sure every single month has some events running in the game. There’s also an overhaul to the previous hourly events, as those setups were frequently too short for players to take advantage of the bonuses; the game will now host longer special events that allow more time for players to cash in on special things happening.

If that inspires you to spend more time in the game, you could take advantage of the 20% off hideout sale currently running. Or you could just skip the leveling process by directly buying the limited-time Power-Up Pack, which boosts a character above level 5 straight to level 30 and offers a set of starter equipment for the top level. That should provide you with enough to get you moving at the top end, at least.


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