The List : The Best WoW Versions

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In The List today, we take a look at the various iterations of World of Warcraft in light of next week’s release of the latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria. We rank order them according to our preferences. See if you agree before leaving your thoughts in the comments. With Mists of Pandaria coming next week, we thought it was a good idea to rank World of Warcraft’s expansions. There are a few things to remember when reading. As Blizzard treats their expansions as almost full game launches, we will be doing the same here. So WoW’s initial launch is part of the list. Again this is just gold. However I do encourage everyone to post their favorite releases and expansions in the forums. With that here we go.

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The WoW Factor : LFR and Drop Rates

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The World of Warcraft forums have been abuzz since the release of the last patch that brought some significant changess to the drop rates with regard to daily quests. In The WoW Factor today, we take a look at some of the issues and offer an opinion or two. See what we’ve got to say and then join the discussion in the comments. For those not up to speed on how item drops work on bosses in the LFRs it goes a little something like this: When your raid defeats a boss, the game randomly determines if a player will receive an item from that bosses loot Power Leveling. This is checked completely under the hood, think of it as a dungeon master in D&D rolling a check behind a game screen and only sharing if it’s a pass or fail while not disclosing the actual numbers. If you’re lucky enough to win an item, the game then randomly chooses an item from the loot table relevant to your class specialization (this will change to any specialization of your current class as an option come patch 5.3) and drops it in your bag. Getting a piece of loot with this new system carries the same chance of an item dropping under the old system where anyone could roll on several items that a boss dropped. However, with this new system there is no drama over who should get what – you either win something or don’t, no discussion.

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News Bits: Chimaeron guide updated, Robo Hunter on Final Boss, 6.0 PTR stuff

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Have you been on the 6.0 PTR yet to test the hunter changes? If you weren’t in beta, I’d highly recommend it! You can test out most of the new hunter stuff except the level 100 talents. The new pet families are tameable except for Riverbeasts and Rylaks which only exist in Draenor.

One of the first things I did was head on over to Chimaeron and see how it was to tame him at level 90 since I’ve previously only done it at level 100. It’s a bit trickier to do solo at 90, but perfectly doable. I updated my original Chimaeraon post with details on how to do the tame at both level 90 and 100.

Solar, who will now be known as Robo Hunter (you’ll understand when you watch), was on Final Boss this weekend talking about hunters in Warlords. He did an excellent job at representing hunters and expressing our current concerns with the class, but stayed positive at the same time. You can watch the episode below.

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Hunting Party Podcast Episode 201: Loaded For Bear

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Last night we had an epic level 1 dwarf hunter WHU raid on Icecrown-US to celebrate the return of the Hunting Party Podcast. About 80 hunters showed up in Dun Morogh! Then we raided Hogger, the Gurubashi Arena, and finally Orgrimmar. It was a blast and I can’t wait for future WHU hunter events. :)

This morning we recorded the first new Hunting Party Podcast since it went on hiatus back in January — Episode 201! We’ll be doing it again every second Sunday at 10AM ET (14:00 GMT) live on Twitch. Recorded episodes will appear on YouTube, iTunes, and Stitcher.

This episode primarily focused on the overarching hunter changes of 6.0. We tried to cover everything we could in a couple of hours. We hit a lot of it, but there will be much more to talk about regarding hunter changes in the next episode. For all we know, the 6.0 pre-patch may even be out by then!

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Inventory Adequate Rift Rare metal Regarding Level

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This kind of enlargement can increase a couple of huge the newest planet, it really is respectively: Dusken (a spot by way of a terrorist ambiance inside mainland) and also Brevane (Telaran the particular support regarding civilization). Furthermore, the newest enlargement may also interact a fresh metropolis. Furthermore, the particular player’s persona stage cover can attain stage 58; may also increase fresh player’s condominium method.

in order to merely settle-back and also abandon other folks to discover a solution although value increasing. Inventory up to achat wow po rare metal on the major regarding stage 58 turn out will help person help save significantly funds. Due to the fact stage 58 rare metal will probably be low-cost simply with initially, right after have the very hot comments regarding industry, the particular rift rare metal increase swiftly, possibly simply desire a evening or perhaps a couple of the purchase price can features a massive modify. folks nonetheless can easily take pleasure in the low-cost and also quickly rift rare metal regarding stage 58 today, seizes the ability in the event upcoming regrets.


person can find many refreshing and also very hot rift rare metal each day; each buy will probably be managing right after 5 to be able to a quarter-hour as it paid out. The particular grinding staff and also shipping and delivery staff provides many enough headcount, thus those two clubs will be the previous a single can concern yourself with buy postpone issues. video game can be a rare metal web site that will properly comprehend the necessity regarding participants, thus any person which need to be able to ranking up for the 58 will be needing massive amount rift rare metal. As of this period of time, participants are usually many impatient to have almost all help options, but in addition problem concerning the expense of video game.

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Soloing the Black Temple with Blizzard

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Daxxari is back with another guide to soloing old raids, this time, The Black Temple. Whether it’s transmog loot you’re looking for, a chance at a warglaive, reputation with another faction wow gold ideal (The Ashtongue Deathsworn) or just giggles, Black Temple has it all from Tier 6 sets and lookalikes to some of the coolest scenery the game’s ever seen.
Black Temple is by far one of my favorite raids. It’s quite soloable by a max-level character — the hardest fight is the Reliquary of Souls because you can easily do enough damage to yourself and the interrupts get brutal — and it has some really awesome looking loot, cool fight mechanics, and some big lore deals like Teron Gorefiend and of course Illidan himself waiting for you. Daxxari explains the fight mechanics and how they work for a solo player, so head over to the official site and read up before heading into the Black Temple.

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